Trauma, as in the form of road traffic accidents, can cause significant symptoms in the cervical spine, including damage to the facet joints, which are surrounded by ligaments, muscles and nerves.

The mechanism of injury is one of sudden flexion and then extension of the neck; sometimes more than once. Our experienced physiotherapy team at Bolton Physiotherapy Clinic will be able to assess and diagnose the main area of damage and provide you with the reasons for your symptoms and advise you on the most efficient way to resolve your problems.

The facet joints, ligaments, muscles and neural tissues can all become inflamed and reduce movement and increase pain, with associated headaches. Sleep patterns are very often disrupted.

Treatment concentrates on restoring functional movements and resolving your pain, improving the efficiency of the joints and musculature around them. Early intervention allows you a fast return to your normal lifestyle.

We work very closely with many insurance companies.

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