Cervical Apophyseal (Facet) Joint Inflammation

There are many areas in the cervical spine that can cause pain, including the facet joints, which are surrounded by ligaments, muscles and have neural structures in immediate proximity.

Our experienced physiotherapy team here at Bolton Physiotherapy Clinic will be able to assess and diagnosis the main reasons for your symptoms and work with you to resolve your problems.

The facet joints allow movements between each spinal level and the joint structure changes throughout the cervical spine to allow differing ranges and directions of movement. Due to trauma or natural wear and tear there can be damage to the joints or cartilage and the area becomes inflamed, so movements decrease and pain increases.

Daily activities become more difficult and sometimes there are referred symptoms into the muscles on either side of the neck, sometimes into the shoulders and occasionally down one or both arms. One common feature of facet joint problems can be persistent headaches.

Your treatment will concentrate on restoring functional movements and resolving your pain, improving the efficiency of the joints and musculature around them.

Early intervention leads to accelerated results and allows you a fast return to your normal lifestyle.

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