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Following a fall in which I sustained an ankle injury, I attended Bolton Physiotherapy Clinic for treatment. I received excellent, professional care from Samantha and the team. The bespoke tailored treatment greatly enhanced my recovery and enabled me to get back to full mobility and playing sports quickly. Thanks for a fantastic Service!


I came to Samantha with a sports injury desperately wanting to play again, although afraid to worsen the strain. Samantha diagnosed and explained the exact problem and along with the treatment gave me exercises to aid my recovery which were a great help. I would definitely recommend Samantha and her team.

I would like to say a huge thanks to Samantha and Catherine at Bolton Physiotherapy Clinic for the excellent treatment in relation to my son Matthew Callaghan. Matthew competes in motocross and throughout his career he has sustained a number of sports related injuries which is unfortunately an accepted consequence of the sport. Throughout his riding career of 12 years he has suffered fractures to his scaphoid, elbow, shoulder and ankle. As well as various injuries to various muscles and his back. The magnetic field treatment and laser therapy have made a massive difference in the recovery time and certainly speeding up the healing process and enabled a quicker return to riding. Matthew has been a regular client of the clinic and I have nothing but praise for their work, skills and dedication. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


I have been suffering with lower back pain and stiffness with increased pain into my left hip and decided physiotherapy was required. On meeting Samantha Walsh in late 2013 she carried out a full assessment on my body to determine the cause and treatment required. I found her to be professional, knowledgeable and reassuring in giving a detailed prognosis of each part of the body that was causing discomfort.

From this, treatment was applied on the effect areas of a weekly basis along with in depth daily exercise plan to complete at home. The exercises and treatment did reduce my discomfort but there was still a slight pain with my hip. Samantha referred me to a hip consultant for further investigations – a CT and MRI scan of my hip. These results concluded that my femoral head required re-shaping and from this a Hip Arthroscopy was agreed to be done.

Having treatment Pre/Post op over the last 10 months, I have been very happy that Samantha was been my physio in continuing my rehab to strengthen the muscles to full recovery. She has always been contactable by telephone if I was uncertain of what other exercises I can or cannot do in the gym, while holding me back is I was pushing forward too soon in my recovery.

I would advise anyone considering treatment to use Bolton Physiotherapy Clinic without any hesitation!


I first came to Bolton Physiotherapy Clinic in May 2011, needing help to recover more movement since suffering a neurological illness – Guillain-Barre Syndrome. At that time I could do very little with my hands; requiring assistance with everything and my walking was poor. The staff at Bolton Physiotherapy Clinic have been amazing, they are always truthful, extremely helpful, kind and professional. They have helped me along my journey – both physically and emotionally. Special thanks to Catherine, who being one of the more recently qualified members of staff has had several great and fresh ideas regarding my treatment, which have made a vast improvement to my life. Catherine’s enthusiasm is motivating and her tireless work ethic inspiring, I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone in need of a physiotherapist. Thank you Catherine for your excellent attitude, expert knowledge, friendship ad healing hands…and your ability to laugh at my jokes!


Poem Written for Samantha.

I came to Sam so weak and lame,
legs bones cut against the grain,
a massive insult to the knee,
with ribboned scar for all to see,
quads and tendons lacked in strain,
the tissue stretched in swollen pain,
Samantha soothes the battered strands,
with caring heart and skilful hands,
all iced within toroidal fields,
where exudate and debris yields,
and where the spinning Teslas ride,
the oxygen flows deep and wide,
to reabsorb the burring flame,
and heal the gaping mass again,
Samantha weaves her magic powers,
to shape the knee by days and hours,
inflammatory detritus out,
diffused to ease the bloated pout,
soft she sets the hamstring free,
and let the aching tendons be,
and teach the out of killer quads,
so that I might walk the dogs,
all amongst the Old Wall Suches,
and may be ping pong once again
two legged now and free from pain,
to watch the thornbush bloom in May,
and feel the sun that warms the day

All blessed by something kind and rare,
Samantha’s Therapeutic Care.

From P.M.R & T