Kinesiology Taping – How it Works

Pain Relief:

The tape can be applied to relieve the tension associated with inflamed muscles and tendons.

Improving Range of Movement:

Applying the tape is thought to activate stretch receptors in the soft tissue which feedback to our brain. The brain then positively influences the control of muscle tension by activating muscle spindles. Therefore, the ability to flex and respond to the strain of increased activity improves, alongside muscular endurance

Promote blood flow and lymphatic drainage:

When applied to the skin the tape recoils and lifts the skin and fascia to allow blood and lymph flow to increase which may be beneficial in the recovery of soft tissue injuries.

Dynamic Support:

The stretch of the tape provides support to recovering joints and tendons without being restrictive.


  • The colour of the tape doesn’t make a difference
  • The direction that it is applied in doesn’t effect performance
  • It is not just a placebo however nobody knows exactly how it works