What to expect

What you can expect on your first visit to the clinic?

Our staff will welcome you.

The physiotherapist will take a comprehensive history about your problem. We will ask you questions about how the problem started, how your condition progressed, where you feel your pain/ symptoms along with what aggravates and eases them.

We will then fully examine the area and take a closer look at the area involved. We will of course maintain your modesty and dignity at all times.

We will then perform a series of movements and specific tests followed by the therapist using their hands to feel for any tenderness or abnormalities of the area.

A clear diagnosis, where possible, will always be given. It is our view is that you should know what your problem is and an illustration of this will often involve diagrams and the use of anatomical models to allow easy understanding. Please ask as many questions as you like, the better you understand your injury, the better feedback you can give us during your recovery. We will then explain our suggested treatment plan including what techniques we will use and what you can do yourself to help your condition.

Your first session will usually involve treatment unless the referring party have only authorised you to be assessed or your condition is particularly complicated in which case we may need to spend longer than usual on the examination. Treatment is always performed with your consent.

Following our initial assessment, should treatment be inappropriate, we will advise you on the best way forward, make any onward referrals on your behalf and we always advise your GP of any action we feel maybe necessary.